Friday, February 5, 2010

I Love School!

Today I was accused, with a sneer, of all things, of loving school. I am still trying to figure out why that is a bad thing, why it is viewed negatively by some. Of course I love school! Not only do I love school for myself (because I love learning new things), but I also love school in terms of teaching. I love my job. I get great enjoyment and satisfaction out of spending my day with junior high kids. They are enthusiastic and energetic -- what's not to love? I would hope that all teachers love school. If not, why be a teacher? I have always said that nothing will make a kid hate school more than a teacher who hates school. I believe that teachers who hate school are actually causing harm to kids -- it poisons children's minds and attitudes toward learning. So excuse me for not just showing up to work every day, doing the same old things the same way I have for years, sitting around on my tenured rear end, boring my students, whining, complaining, and collecting a paycheck. I happen to love school!

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